My Bloody Red Love Life

by Decoteau BeCool

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My Bloody Red Love Life is a musical exploration of the pleasures and pains, triumphs and failures, and highs and lows of working hard to be in and stay in love.


released March 8, 2012

Guitar and vocals - D. Irby



all rights reserved


Decoteau BeCool Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Decoteau BeCool is a hip-hop enthusiast, beat-maker, and self-taught guitarist. By day, he writes to the world. By night, he writes to his world. He can be reached at decoteaubecool[at]

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Track Name: Speed of Love
I wish that I could fall for someone like me.
They say you're fast and I'm just a country boy.
The things you say, I hold them right here with me.
So when you're mad, you're words can scar me.

But you're my speed (not too fast).
You're the speed of love.

Now I know we go like clouds and lightening.
I'm so low, they say I'm pitiful.
When I'm down, I pray you will lift me to where you are. You're help is critical.

You're my speed.
You're the speed of love.
Track Name: Your Grace...Its Okay with Me
You walk the fire walk and it looks so good.
You dance the fire dance and it turns me on.
You talk a fire talk with you attitude.
And you do all these things with so much grace that you stay on my mind.
And you hang around my soul.

At its okay with me that you hang around my soul.

Your food fills me up and I'm not talking about my stomach.
You moods bring me down and lift me up.
Woman, oh Lord, when you give birth, it's so amazing.
And you do all these things with so much grace that you stay on my mind.
And you hang around my soul.

And its okay with me...
Track Name: Bad Boy
If only I were a lump of clay you could mold me into what you want.
But I'm blind to your ways.
Show me what you need girl (hold me).
Love me, squeeze me, hug me.
I'm yours.
If I get out of line, scold me.
You told me I'm a bad boy.

You're the one.
I've calmed down.
You're my only.
I was doing good til this pretty thing phone me from the club.
She was fine and I was lonely.
Mmmm...the way she played on me.
And I played back.
We played pony.
Now I want her to be my crony.
She's my homie-lover-friend.
She she told me (I can't disagree) that I'm a bad bad boy.

Now I try to be good.
But I'm bad.
I'm a bad bad boy.
Track Name: Think it Over (Bilal cover)
I sit and think about all the fun we had.
Up on a cloud, never thought we would fall back to the world.
Gravity pulled us down then it tore us apart.
Why can't things work out like we wanted?
But I never want to take away from you.
I feel like you're flying and I'm weighing you down.
You should be free to be.
Go for now.
Maybe the second time around will be sweeter.

Think it over.

Thought we were gonna be forever.
Like King and Coretta, I thought we could change the world.
But I needed air.
I stepped out on the balcony and the world took me out.
You know I'll always have a thing for you.
If I deny it, I'd be lying to myself.
I pick up the phone, put it down.
I've been asking around.
And I hear you're doing better now.

Think it over.

I'll always have a hole in my heart.
You'll always have a place.

Think it over.
Track Name: The Light You Bend To
I cook and I clean.
My salmon patties are mean.
And I'll brighten you're darkest day.
If you promise to bend my way.

Let me be the light you bend to.

I'll dry all the tears that soil your face on your bad days.
And I'll listen with compassion even though you complain about the same things every day.

Let me be the light you bend to.

Grow into me...
Track Name: Bloody Red Love
I can't live without you.
I don't want to go another day.
Will you be with me?
I paid a grip for this ring.

Are you ready for my love?
My bloody red love...
Track Name: These Things
I made you play with me like you played with those other kids.
I made you play against your will.
Live with these things.

And I'll make you pay me what you pay all those other men who work next to me.
You'll pay cause you've got the ends.
You'll pay for what you did to me and what you've done to me.

And I'll pray that you'll love me like you love the other folks from the other race.
I'll pray every other day for these things.